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FITSSENTIALS Studio -- 3000sq/ft of wonderful!  Bonus on the melting snow indicating Spring is HERE! (2 Mar 2012)
A view from just inside the front door; can see where the bathrooms will be! (11 Mar 2012)
Lots of natural light grace this building!  (Looking from the back of the room, forward.)  The large front wall between the window and front door will be the mirrored wall. (11 Mar 2012)
A closer look at the bathrooms' location and furnaces that have been added! (11 Mar 2012)
View from future office corner; ceiling drywall done!
Bathrooms framed up and ready for next level of work...aerobic floor tiles are next to bathrooms and dying to be put in!
Another view of progress in studio!
View looking at the front of room and lone will-be-mirror wall! :)
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