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"Because Fitness is Essential to a Healthy Life..."
"I'm such a satisfied customer!"
Z-Camp feedback - I am such a satisfied customer! I feel like I got more than my money’s worth of tips, support, workouts, encouragement, and chatarungas (trust me I had to google THAT to spell it~!)  
The format worked well for me because we had the Wednesdays, and the weekends to recuperate and adjust to the changes. Yes, the workouts were tough BUT I am really glad about it. Even though I am not a Spring Chicken, I always felt safe, never in danger of getting hurt. I needed to be pushed to realize what it takes to get real results.
I thought it was brave of the instructors to confide in the group with their food struggles. It encouraged me to try as I might to follow the food plans. (I still need to work on this some more, trying to bend my will to ‘more calories but better choices’… ) Overall, however, I have surprised myself and want to KEEP ON GOING to be healthy and strong.

~ Patty C.
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